Welcome to OONA

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Together, we Move as One.
To our wonderful, old friends and to the eager fresh, new faces –
we welcome you to Oona Series!
Kick off your shoes and settle in to your new digital sanctuary, as you have arrived.
A daily destination for holistic wellness. A complete mind-body experience. A community of Oona’s, just like you, seeking balance. We strive to find a deeper connection to our physical and mental wellness. And we have cultivated an aesthetically elevated platform where we can all be celebrated.

Borrowed from Scottish roots meaning ‘one,’ the name Oona represents our holistic approach to balanced living. True balance is achieved when each integral part of our being is honored, nurtured, and inter-connected to the other. When the mental, physical, and spiritual, are able to coexist in a healthy habitat, you have given your body its best version of itself. And together, we thrive!

Co-founders Catie Miller and Boniface Verney-Carron are the forces behind the birth of the Oona Series, and they met while practicing in the heart of London. Each one has helped the other grow in special and profound ways – and that is what they have created to share with you in Oona.

‘We need connection to thrive. I am fully enjoying what I’m doing. It’s a natural transfer of energies and we come out so much stronger on the other side’ – Catie

If you’ve not yet met Catie, you’ll usually find her teaching Barre to a full class of smiling, sweaty faces, or going on adventures with her hubs and 2 young boys! Previously named the ‘Fresh Face of Wellbeing’ by British Vogue, she has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, and holds certifications in Barre, STOTT Pilates, Pre and Postnatal exercise and TRX suspension training.

Joining Catie is the wonderful Boniface, a UK registered Osteopath and Acupuncturist with over 16 years experience. Boniface has been running his own holistic clinic in Marylebone London since 2013, and is also trained in level 1 and 2 Garuda. With a true calling for healing, he comes to us with a wealth of professional and personal experience, and is passionate about working with bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes.

‘By moving something I am able to catalyze a shift that was somehow stuck…as this movement enhances again. The body finds its own way to regenerate the movement…The release!’ – Boniface

What can I expect from the Oona Series experience?
Whilst we are celebrated for our exceptional Barre classes, the Oona Series platform offers so much more than a workout to its members.

“You’re going to first raise your awareness. Be honest with yourself but in a very endearing way. Then build up through exercise.. how to [find corrections]. Suddenly.. the posture and confidence change simultaneously.” – Boni

Every month, The Oona Series will release an intentionally targeted range of lifestyle and wellness content – featuring podcasts, interviews, masterclasses, Q&As, blog articles, and special members-only events. Live(Zoom) fitness classes are led by our team of elite trainers who will dig deep to sweat alongside your journey to balance. Each week, you’ll find 10 live classes available for your enjoyment, with an additional 5 On-Demand Oona curated classes uploaded to our growing library of options for your daily selection.

How can I join the Oona family?

We’re so glad you asked! There are a number of membership options to help you find the perfect fit. We pride ourselves on designing experiences and multimedia resources that complement your busy lifestyle and wellbeing goals. We love that just like us, you’re seeking more – more from your body, your mind, your spirit and your relationships. This ongoing desire for intentional living has guided us in developing OonaSeries.com

It is such a privilege to have you join us, and we hope you will find inspiration for growth and learning at every corner – Are you ready to grow with us?