Spotlight: Cupping

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Welcome to our Podcast Spotlight: Episode 07 with Bertrand Courot.

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It’s one of those magical tools that in
itself is so simple to use.


In episode 7 we are joined by the wonderful Bertrand Courtout – Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Healer and world traveller – to shed light on the ancient tradition of cupping. Have you experienced this vacuum-specific therapy, or wondered about the unique markings left on patients? Allow Boniface and Bertrand to offer their insights on this increasingly popular form of treatment.


Highlights include:
  • The history and philosophy of the ancient practise of cupping
  • Insights into the evolution and contemporary presence of ‘folk medicine’
  • Health and safety factors (not recommended for young children or the elderly)
  • Insight into the cupping process and what to expect during and after treatment
  • Advice on finding a trained cupping therapist for your individual needs


Today if you go to Croatia, to Slovenia, to Greece, there’s a lot of people still using it. The practise is very much alive. And what’s interesting is there has been a revival of cupping within the medical world with holistic therapists.

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