Meet the Founders

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Meet the Founders

Welcome to our Podcast Spotlight: Episode 01. An Introduction to the world of
Oona Series through the eyes of Boniface Verney-Carron and Catie Miller.

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Do things you enjoy and the rest is history

Welcome to the first ever instalment of the Oona Series podcast, our collaborative and conversational home for all things health, wellbeing and self-development.

In this first episode, co-founders start with the questions and common interests that brought them together as both friends, colleagues and business partners. You’ll get to learn more about Catie and Boniface’s personal and professional journey through the health and wellness industry and what makes them tick!

Highlights include:
  • Why life is movement
  • The power of discipline and the role of stress (positive and negative!)
  • The process of burning out through elite sport or overtraining
  • The importance of recovery
  • Sustainable movement and fitness regimes
  • Moving away from aesthetics as a primary motivator of ‘getting fit’


I do move 5 days a week – I have now found my rhythm and I’m enjoying it.
But there have been many times where I [was] unbalanced.
My training needed to change with me.

Access the full episode below, or tune in via Spotify: