Spotlight – Movement is life

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Movement is Life


Welcome to our Podcast Spotlight: Episode 02

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Joy should be the engine that brings you to movement.


Does your mind and body excel in what it was so beautifully designed to do?

In this second instalment of the Oona Series podcast, Founders Boniface and Catie discuss our common denominator, and the ways in which we can all be harnessing our potential through movement.


Highlights include:
  • Reflective prompts for understanding how well our bodies are functioning day-to-day
  • Exploration of how wired we are at a cellular level for movement!
  • Osteo-approved advice on selecting appropriate footwear
  • The importance of crafting a personalised morning routine
  • The power of variation in training / general exercise
  • How to lean into joy and curiosity to build a healthier relationship with exercise


Try something new, because in that exchange of energy,
things can start to happen… within that moment of movement.

Access the full episode below, or tune in via Spotify: