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Welcome to our Podcast Spotlight: Episode 05 with Florence Pasteur,
exploring ‘the science of consciousness in harmony’

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The ultimate goal is to widen the consciousness.

It’s time to find that healthy joie de vivre! Boniface’s latest podcast guest is here to guide you towards optimum wellbeing through the highly practical, accessible and adaptable discipline of Sophrology.

Meet Florence Pasteur: Osteopath, Sophrologist, Acupuncturist and former elite sportswoman.

In Part 1 of this episode, Florence introduces Boniface to this interesting blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices.

Part 2 features a practical Sophrology session which can be followed along from the comfort of your own home or a preferred quiet space – you can find both recordings below.


Highlights include:
  • Introduction to the science of Sophrology – the ‘little sister of hypnosis’
  • Sophro’s fascinating history and popularity throughout Europe
  • Applications of Sophrology techniques in everyday life from the corporate world to elite sport
  • The benefits of building your Sophro-toolkit
  • A guided practical session with Florence herself!


It’s like a box of tools. You can make it very easy and straight forward, or you can take it to the next step to ‘embrace life’. It becomes like an art of living.

Access the full episodes below, or tune in via Spotify: