Unlocking Great Posture

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Unlocking Great Posture


Welcome to our Podcast Spotlight: Episode 03.

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[Posture] is not a static issue, we are constantly in motion and constantly moving. You have to understand it’s a dynamic process.
In this age of technology, we’ve never struggled more with finding length, strength and alignment in our spines.

Boniface Verney-Carron – experienced Osteopath and Oona Series co-founder – unpacks our need for dynamic vs static approaches to posture in this next episode.


Highlights include:
  • The modern obsession with ‘good posture’
  • The problem with simply trying to ‘stand tall’ or ‘sit straight’ (static thinking)
  • The use of introspective learning and discovery to unlock lasting results
  • How to use power poses to your advantage
  • Employing ‘dynamic’ tactics to improve posture in social settings
  • The power of vulnerability and mindfulness in creating new motor patterns


That moment of when you feel you want to go inward, when you feel you want to cross your arms.. maybe almost sink to the back of the room. It’s [about] self reflection, going ‘nope’. I’ve acknowledged this, I can see it happening. I’m going to take a deep breath.. open up.
And I’m going to be strong.

Access the full episode below, or tune in via Spotify: